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Artificial lawn

Artificial lawn

Artificial grass — is a rolled material, which consists of polyethylene and polypropylene fibers imitating grass stems, which are firmly attached to highly flexible bottom. The cover lets water through and doesn’t allow ponding. Modern production technologies ensure high durability of fibers, prolong service life and allow to sustain extreme conditions. Modern artificial lawns possess excellent performance characteristics. They are practical, good looking and wear resistant. The range of application is very wide. As a rule the product is rolled, so it can be laid by simple unrolling on the ground. There is no need to use glue in order to fix the lawn. You just need to use plinth or corners along perimeter to fasten it. If you use it on big areas, you can use brackets.

In terms of appearance artificial grass is very close to natural, but it is much more practical. Unlike natural grass it:

  • Doesn’t wear out
  • Is not spoiled under high/low temperatures
  • Survives under direct sun light
  • Is resistant to aggressive substances
Artificial grass

Artificial grass has been designed for landscaping. It can also be used as a decoration for balconies and shop windows. Its structure and components allowed to obtain a product, which can be used for decoration of premises. The artificial lawn imitates natural grass much better than any other type of cover; it looks very realistic.

Artificial lawns can be laid on any territory, it doesn’t require lighting, irrigation, cutting and fertilization. Grass hairs preserve their shape and elasticity for a long time; they do not fade even under unfavorable climatic conditions. Artificial grass is well adapted to high and low temperatures; it doesn’t fade under direct sun light and possesses excellent water draining capacity.

  • Being a synthetic cover, artificial grass imitates a mown lawn very well. Nowadays artificial grass (artificial lawn) enjoys a higher demand due to several reasons. First of all, its quality has dramatically been improved, what makes it not only long lasting, but also beautiful. Second thing is that artificial grass became very diverse, what allows to use it in a wide range of applications:
  • As a cover for sports grounds (badminton, golf, etc.);
  • In landscaping;
  • As a decoration of winter gardens;
  • As a decoration for restaurants, cafes, etc.