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Rolled Lawns

Parterre lawn
65,00 UAH/m²
(without VAT)

Sports lawn
75,00 UAH/m²
(without VAT)

Kinds of rolled lawns

Lawn — is a natural sod cover composed of perennial grasses. Depending upon the purpose they distinguish: sports, special purpose and decorative (parterre, lawn, common) lawns.

Parterre lawn — is a typical English narrow leaf grass lawn. It serves as a decorative element, used to highlight splendor of a building or solitary planted trees.

Sports lawn — is absolutely specific. It is characterized by slow grass growth and its high resistance to trampling. It quickly recovers and is draught and frost tolerant (-45° С), it also has high tear strength. Special grass mixtures have been developed for sports lawns, which are expensive. Besides it is necessary to prepare basis before seeding, particularly to set drainage system and level the surface, which must be horizontal.

«Turfgrasses of Ukraine» Company is the biggest producer of high quality lawn «Sport Turf» for football fields, training- and playgrounds. Our specialists have professionally reconstructed the football field at Slavutich stadium in Zaporozh'e (Valeriy Lobanovskiy Street). Official representatives of UEFA expressed a very high opinion as to our lawn.

Grass Mixtures

Parterre lawn «Super Grass»
Composition Sort
Meadow grass Crest variety 40%
Red fescue Boreal variety 40%
Common perennial ryegrass Cutter variety 20%
Sport lawn «Sport Turf»
Composition Sort
Meadow grass Moon shadow variety 25%
Meadow grass Touchdown variety 25%
Red fescue Jasper variety 25%
Common perennial ryegrass Cutter variety 25%

Meadow grass – is the best type of bluegrasses, a valuable perennial grass crop for all-purpose decorative lawns. It is an essential component of common lawn mixtures and is especially important on light soils and in shady areas. It produces a smooth, compact, flexible sod and a beautiful, dense, uniform stand. The plant is very longevous. Under favorable conditions it persists for 10–15 and even more years. It perfectly survives severe winters and late frosts and is relatively drought tolerant.

Red fescue widely used in mixtures for parterre and sports lawns, it produces firm, flexible sod and beautiful dark, green, dense and uniform stand. After mowing re-growth is good and uniform. Red fescue is able to quickly re-establish the stand after mechanical damage. It grows on any soils except very dry and heavy ones. It is very frost hardy, fairly endurable and is one of the best grasses suitable for first-class, durable lawns for any purposes in many soil and climatic conditions.

Common ryegrass — produces dense bright-green, shiny and beautiful lawn in the first year after seeding. It is trampling resistant, can grow on heavy soils, and intensively proliferates. After mowing re-growth is good and uniform, the grass remains decorative till late fall. It is still green when it starts snowing. The grass tolerates moderate shade, trampling and soil compaction. Due to strong root system and good re-growth, it recovers quickly after mechanical damage.

More derails about our products

  • quick result, a site can be greened up in a day without waiting till seeds emerge
  • high oxygen production
  • uniform stand
  • draught and rain tolerant, because the lawn is not damaged
  • it is possible to establish a lawn in the period from spring to autumn
  • no weeds and no need for eradication during first 2 years
  • perfect cooling effect. On a hot day the temperature of grass cover is 5 to 8° С lower than that of bare ground and 17° С than the temperature of concrete or asphalt cover