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Lawn grass seeds

«Lawns of Ukraine» LTD. offers to your attention the seed of the Canadian company Imperial Seed(1979) Ltd . Already 50 more than a company engages in a production and advancement of seed of high quality. To date we can offer 2 types of seed of Company Imperial Seed. Seminal composition is fully adapted to the existent climatic terms of Ukraine and intended for the quality planting of greenery and equipping with modern amenities of all types of territories: playground of children’s or sporting, stadium, outside of office spaces, hotels, rest-home.

Газон «Canada Imperial grass»

  • 40% Poa pratensis L, сорт Blue Kentucky Bluegrass;
  • 20% Poa pratensis L, сорт Artic Green Kentucky Bluegrass;
  • 10% Lolium Perenne L, сорт "Perennial Ryegrass»;
  • 30% Fescue Rubra L, сорт Boreal Creeping Red.

Packing in 10 kg. Cost 350 UAH/kg.

Газон «Imperial Sport grass»:

  • 25% Poa pratensis L .(Imperial blue);
  • 25% Poa pratensis L.(Arctic green);
  • 10% Poa pratensis L.(Pioneer blue);
  • 20% Lodium Perenne L. (Prairie green);
  • 20% Lodium Perenne L. (Endura).

Packing in 10 kg. Cost 350 UAH/kg.